Announcing ViziCities - bringing cities to life!

In this entry I announce the ambitious SimCity-esque ViziCities project and describe how you can get early access to it.

3 weeks after leaving Mozilla and it's time to announce the second project that I'm working on with my talented designer friend, Pete Smart.

Introducing ViziCities

ViziCities is an ambitious project that uses the latest Web technologies to bring real-world cities to life. We are using WebGL (so yes, this is 3D) as well as a multitude of other technologies, like Web Audio and real-time streaming.

Early screenshot from ViziCities
Early screenshot from ViziCities

It's undeniably SimCity-esque though will encompass many aspects beyond that comparison; ranging from data visualisation, to game design, art, and general awesomeness. There will be something in this project for everyone, we're sure.

ViziCities landing page
ViziCities landing page

We're currently busy making this a reality but we put up a landing page today and highly encourage you to sign up to get early access before we launch to the public.

Watch this space!

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