I’m writing a book

So I’m writing a book on HTML5 canvas for Apress and Friends of ED. Who’dathunkit? You should definitely go and pre-order it and sign up to the newsletter for updates and competitions!

How do I put this? Screw it. I'm writing a chuffing book! Of all the things to happen to me I did not expect to become an author while studying at university. Very mental indeed.

The long and the short of it is that I was approached a few weeks ago by Apress and Friends of ED, asking if I'd like to write a book on making game using HTML5 canvas. Hmm, let me think about that for a moment. Damn right I'd like to. In fact, I'd love to! So together over the last few weeks we've been hard at work bashing out all the finer details and exciting legal stuff. I can't describe how difficult it's been not to tell anyone about the book during that time. Fortunately for my sanity I'm now allowed to talk about it as much as I want.

I suppose I should tell you a little more about the book. First off, it's called "Foundation HTML5 Canvas: For Games and Entertainment". To save time, I prepared a little something earlier to give you an overview of the book – the official description.

Foundation HTML5 Canvas: For Games and Entertainment teaches you how to make exciting interactive games and applications using HTML5 canvas. This new feature allows you to draw directly within the browser without the need for third-party plugins like Adobe Flash, meaning it works on mobile devices like the iPhone and Android. Canvas is a truly open way of producing graphics, animations and applications using HTML and JavaScript.

The book begins with an introduction to HTML5 and the cool new features it brings, followed by a beginner's guide to JavaScript programming to get you up to speed. Next up is a thorough introduction to the canvas element, teaching you how to draw objects within the browser with ease. Once the basics are covered you'll move onto the more advanced features of canvas, including image and video manipulation. You'll also learn how to create realistic animations with the help of some basic physics. The book concludes by teaching you how to create two thrilling space-based games using all the skills you've learnt. Throughout the book there are plenty of code examples and illustrations designed to help you understand even the most complex of topics.

HTML5 is already here, so read this book and make sure you don't get left behind!

So that's really all I can say right now. I'm extremely proud and amazed at this opportunity and can't wait to get stuck in. No doubt over the coming weeks and months I'll be updating you on the book's progress and asking for input. Who knows, perhaps you could have a say in some of the stuff I talk about.

Make sure to check out the book on Amazon. Oh, and pre-order it as well!

So, I suppose all that's left for me to do now is actually write the thing…

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