Join 250 others in the Open Data Community on Slack

In this entry I invite you to join the new Open Data Community on Slack.

This is a cross-post with the ViziCities blog.

This is a short and personal post written with the hope that it encourages you to join the new Open Data Community on Slack – a place for realtime communication and collaboration on the topic of open data.

It's important to foster open data, as it is to provide a place for the discussion and sharing of ideas around the production and use of open data. It's for this reason that we've created the Open Data Community in the hope of not only giving something back for the things that we have taken, but to provide a place for people to come together to help further this common goal.

The Open Data Community is not ViziCities; it's a group of like-minded invidividuals, non-profits and corporations alike. It's for anyone interested in open data, as well as for those who produce, use or are otherwise involved in its lifecycle.

In just 2 days the community has grown to 250 strong – I look forward to seeing you there and talking open data!

Sign up and get involved.

Robin - ViziCities Founder

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