Moving to London

In this entry I announce my plans to move away from the countryside and head back to my roots in London. What is this about? Why am I doing it? When will it happen? I answer everything.

Guess what? I'm moving to London!

You heard right; I'm upping sticks from my cosy life by the beach and heading back to the city that I was brought up in. Am I crazy? Maybe.

Tilt-shift from a helicopter, by yours truly
Tilt-shift from a helicopter, by yours truly

What is this about?

To cut a long story short, my life has changed a whole bunch in the past few years. This year alone has seen some of the biggest decisions of my life to date; like leaving Mozilla and, most recently, (mutually) ending a 4-year relationship.

Whether good or bad (both decisions can be seen in either light), what's certain is that I now have the freedom to grab life by the balls and take it in directions I hadn't considered before.

Why am I doing this?

So why London? Well, first of all it's a city I know and love. I was brought up in Richmond and I lived there for near-enough 3/4 of my life before heading to university. I may not love the insane crowds so much but I certainly appreciate the beauty of the location.

Aside from the sentiment and history, London is a great place to be if you want to immerse yourself in the UK Web community. And as much as I may have despised a move to London in the past (the countryside is beautiful), the time has come for a change and I can't think of anywhere better for that change than London.

When will it happen?

This is still up in the air at the moment but the plan is to sort everything out within the next few weeks.

It'll likely happen in stages, starting with a temporary move to the family home in Richmond and then a more permanent move to my own place somewhere in the vicinity (South West).

How can you help?

I've been out of touch with London for a long time; so much has changed since I last lived there. I also don't know a huge amount of people there any more.

Here are some things you might be able to help out with…

  • Inviting me along to local social and industry events that I might not know about
  • Letting me know about work and contracting opportunities in the city that might tickle my fancy (R&D, experimentation, etc.)
  • Helping me out while I ask stupid questions about the city

Basically, I'll need help kick-starting the next stage in my life. I'll appreciate it!

Feel free to email me directly on rob@rawkes.com or send me tweet.

Before I go…

Here's an early screenshot from a ViziCities experiment with London landmarks.

ViziCities: London Landmarks
ViziCities: London Landmarks

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