Speaking & events

I often attend and speak at events about Web technologies, game development, and all sorts of other stuff that gets me excited. This area contains the upcoming events that I'll be at as well as materials from my previous talks.


I travel a lot — this is just a brief glimpse at all the places that I've spoken around the world since the start of 2011.

Speaking globally

Where to find me

Here are the events that I'm speaking at soon or have spoken at in the past — this is where you can find slides and other related materials.

Firefox OS Developer Event London Slides
Firefox OS Developer Event Mountain View Slides
Async Brighton Lanyrd
SF HTML5 San Francisco Slides Video
VanJS Vancouver Slides
Fluent San Francisco Lanyrd Slides
Web Directions Code Melbourne Lanyrd Slides Video
MelbJS Melbourne Slides
Melbourne Geek Night Melbourne Lanyrd Slides
SydJS Sydney Slides
MDN Hack Day London London Lanyrd Slides
Geek Meet Stockholm Lanyrd Slides
DIBI 2012 Gateshead Lanyrd Slides
NY HTML5 New York City Slides
FOSDEM 2012 Brussels Lanyrd Slides
Talk Web Design 2012 London Slides
LAUNCH: Future Gaming Birmingham Slides
Mozilla Festival London Lanyrd
WDC 2011 Bristol Lanyrd Slides
onGameStart Warsaw Lanyrd Slides Follow-up
ASSEMBLY Summer 2011 Helsinki Lanyrd Slides Video Follow-up
London JS London Lanyrd Slides Follow-up
Google Tech Talk Mountain View Slides Video Follow-up
SF HTML5 San Francisco Slides Video Follow-up
Social Media & DMOs Valencia
Digital Surrey Guildford
London Web Standards London Lanyrd Slides Video
State of the Browser London Lanyrd
Facebook Developer Garage London Lanyrd
Heart & Sole Portsmouth Lanyrd Slides Video Audio
Mozilla Game On 2010 London Lanyrd Slides Video Follow-up
HTML5 Canvas Hack Night Bournemouth Lanyrd Slides Follow-up
Barcamp Bournemouth Bournemouth Lanyrd Slides Follow-up

Keeping things local

Worldwide travel is fun but you can't beat the feeling of giving a talk to your home crowd.

Speaking in the UK